Discovery begins with the awareness of an anomaly.


Our proprietary methodology strips away opinion, bias, commentary and traditional business orthodoxies to bring forth new insights that can lead to value-creating opportunities. 

Our proven process of inferential scanning focuses attention on areas of the outside world that may have important impact on future decisions – be they economic, political, social, technological, regulatory, or demographic.

We call our reading activity “inference.” The same mental process is called “reduced cue analysis” by the CIA and other intelligence organizations. Our starting point is the identification of anomalies: irregularities, surprises and the unusual. Creating insights about change requires confronting the “new.” The new has no history, thus it has no experts.

These early indications of change may easily go unnoticed in today’s morass of information overload. Linear extrapolation of existing trends is dangerous. Uncertainty is a given.

Our network of skilled readers monitors a broad spectrum of global information for anomalies. Our sources include more than 200 publications, financial markets, books, films, television, blogs, trade publications and global institutions.

Anomalies reveal emerging changes before they are quantified into data. The Williams methodology weaves relevant anomalies into contextual patterns that offer insight that is key to anticipating and profiting from a fast changing world.